Verayo's "unclonable" RFID uses physical characteristics to thwart hackers


This era of RFIDs everywhere means a new era of hacking, one where a reader and a copy of RFDump are just as important as a proxied Internet connection and a telnet client were in the past. As MythBusters attempted to show, existing RFID chips and tags seem universally hackable and clonable, whether they be inside your passport or inside of you, but a new one from Verayo is said to be totally impenetrable -- for reals this time. It uses Physical Unclonable Functions, or PUF, a randomized coating of wires that both protect the internals from interlopers and also return a (supposedly) unique identifier that (supposedly) can't be duped. Truth in advertising? Hackers worldwide are itching to find out after the thing's formal introduction tomorrow morning at the RFID World conference -- surely the hottest ticket in Vegas this week.

[Via Slashdot]