Swype finger-tracing text entry seems fast, hypnotic, and magical

OK, well maybe difficult is stretching it somewhat, but it does look like it'll take some getting used to. Swype's creator is none other than one of the people involved in developing T9 -- which we simply couldn't get by without -- and applies the same concept of quicker typing, with less work. Instead of tapping keys, Swype has you simply trace your finger through the letters you want to use to spell the words. The system will apparently enable even a novice to quickly get up to speeds of 40 words a minute. We're itching to check this out and with the glut of touchscreen sets on the market -- iPhone, Touch Diamond, and on, an on -- we can see this really taking off if it works as well as in the demo. Nothing to download just yet, but we've signed up and are waiting for the word.