Verizon announcing something tomorrow, possibly BlackBerry Storm

Dark clouds, a fingerprint, a shady character named "Mike" -- wait a second, don't tell us: Verizon's engaged in some sort of CSI-esque hunt for a rogue network technician (named Mike, we figure) who's casting evil spells on towers and degrading EV-DO speeds. Oh, no? We're way off, you say? Well, our next guess is that this might have something to do with the announcement of the Storm, RIM's very first touchscreen device that's been rumored for a Verizon debut since the wee months of the year. Whatever it is, it seems it'll be revealed tomorrow from the graphic being sent out to Verizon employees -- so let's all cram in as much rampant, unfounded speculation as we can this evening, shall we?

[Via Boy Genius Report, thanks to everyone who sent this in]