AMD VP says netbooks only good "around the house"

AMD's Ultra Value Client line might be set to go head to head with Intel's Atom in the netbook market, but it sounds like the company isn't particularly confident that users will accept the design compromises involved in building cheap, small laptops. According to Pat Moorhead, AMD's VP of advanced marketing, the choice between a $499 netbook and a $499 full-sized laptop with 15.4-inch screen and a dual-core processor is clear to him -- a netbook might be fine for "around the house," but the shorter battery life and lack of features means that "it's a big tradeoff." Those are some fair points, even if they have a hint of sour grapes to them, but it certainly seems like consumers don't care -- Intel can't make enough Atom chips, and machines like HP's Mini-Note are selling like crazy. So, we put it to you: if this was your $499, would you rather get a netbook (say, the Eee 901) or a full-featured 15.4-inch laptop like this AMD-powered Acer Extensa? Video after the break.

[Via Eee PC News]