TWC running out of time, could see Dayton's WDTN dropped

Same song, different chorus. LIN TV, which is notorious for asking ungodly amounts of cash from carriers in order to carry its stations, has been unable to reach an agreement with Time Warner Cable (who, to be fair, wants the channel for next-to-free) over Dayton, Ohio's WDTN. The local NBC affiliate will fall off the EPG on October 2nd unless a deal is hammered out beforehand, and according to a recent notice put up on the channel's website, the companies have been going at it for the past two months in an attempt to lock down a long-term carriage agreement that includes both analog and high-definition signals. Judging by history, we have all ideas an agreement will be stumbled upon at the eleventh hour, but don't be shocked to see your rates creep up ever-so-slightly in order to pay for it. [Disclosure: Engadget is part of the Time Warner family]

[Thanks, Dayton Guy]