Wii ISO Loader demonstrated on video running "backup" copy of Zelda

Is this the day, is this the hack that frees the Wii console to finally run your legal (or, eh hem, otherwise obtained) "backup" games? As the story goes, Waninkoko, the latest name to emerge from the hacking underground, has developed a "work in progress" v0.1 Wii backup ISO loader for the Wii Homebrew Channel that will run backed-up game ISOs converted with a "special program" -- no modchip required. If true then the whole thing smacks of the original Xbox font exploit that turned that console into a hackers playground and noisy, all-media playing powerhouse. In support of the claim, TehSkeen has posted a video demonstrating the loading and execution of a backup Zelda game. If Waninkoko can deliver this to the masses, then the demand for a proper Wii storage solution is about to grow exponentially.

[Thanks, Joseph B.]

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