Sanyo levitates top-o-the-line LP-Z3000 3LCD projector with help from a legless robot

In a fit of drab, Sanyo just announced its most advanced home theater projector yet. Fortunately, the staid, colorless promotional shot above that heralds the arrival of the LP-Z3000 stands in stark contrast to the projector's impressive capabilities. First, it features a 120Hz Full HD panel and the industry's first 5:5 pull-down promising an accurate and smooth 24p projection onto the big screen even under scenes of intense movement. We're also talking a high-contrast, 65,000:1 ratio, 1,200 lumen lamp, and super quiet 19-decibel fan when operating in "theater black" mode. Around back we've got 2x HDMI v1.3b jacks, 2x component, and plenty more inputs for your PC or legacy AV gear. Ships November 28th in Japan for ¥483,000 or about $4,588 assuming the dollar doesn't completely collapse by then.