BlackBerry Storm pre-launch datasheet surfaces

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.17.08

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BlackBerry Storm pre-launch datasheet surfaces

Let's be honest here -- there's precisely two three things you still need to know about the BlackBerry Storm. Launch date, price and whether it'll play Doom. Sadly, we're no closer to helping you on those last two, but the datasheet you see above does give us a general idea of when we'll see this puppy in stores. Obviously looking to get this out before the holiday rush, it looks as if the carrier will be making things official sometime between September 22nd and October 1st, and that little "eligible for Annual Upgrade (by 11/1/08)" bit gives us hope for a November 1st release. In case you were wishing for the impossible, Verizon gets all red-text up in here with a note that this thing will not, come hell or high water, be sold sans an e-mail / data package. Interestingly, the Boy Genius has asserted that VZW is playing the fiddle by loosing all these "leaks" on the unsuspecting public. We're not very confident of that being true, but it's decent fodder for discussion if nothing else.

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