Canon's G10, SX1 IS, and more get the hands-on treatment

We already caught of preview of Canon new EOS 5D Mark II 21-megapixel monster, but if you're curious about Canon's other new camera offerings, you may want to hit up Photography Blog, which has gone hands-on with each of 'em. That includes the PowerShot G10 (pictured above), the PowerShot SX1 IS / SX10 IS, the Digital IXUS 980 IS and 870 IS and, of course, the aforementioned EOS 5D Mark II, just in case you need another look at it. Unfortunately, they don't have much in the way of first impressions just yet, or any sample shots, but they do at least have a comparison between the G10 and the earlier G9 model for those considering an upgrade, and plenty of high res photos of each camera to let you examine every nook and cranny. Hit up the links below to dig in.

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