Guitar Hero World Tour's mystery instrument: a MIDI sequencer

That's right, a MIDI sequencer. While a far cry from our keytar-brandishing dreams, the addition will allow those savvy enough to wrap their heads around the process to compose music on the PC and then import their creations into Guitar Hero World Tour. The feature, however, doesn't sound like it's suited for the faint of heart, as Neversoft's Brian Bright tells Shacknews that "it's going to take an FAQ on the Guitar Hero site--it's not something that your average user is gonna do."

However, MIDI aficionados planning to compose their digital masterpieces on the Xbox 360 will likely find the experience lacking. While the PS3 sequencer will reportedly support a variety of instruments, including rhythm and lead guitars, bass, keyboards and drum tracks, the Xbox 360 alternative will be limited to drums alone due to "hardware issues." Then again, for those planning on channeling their inner John Bonham, what more do you need?