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Iomega's 320GB eGo Helium external HDD is quite sleek, silver

Iomega went out of its way to make sure you really, really understood that this here external hard drive would go nicely with your MacBook Air, but we'd prefer to see it as something that could slip right into just about any traveler's briefcase. The anodized aluminum shell measures in at just 0.63-inches thick, weighs 7-ounces and packs a 320GB 2.5-inch hard drive within. Additionally, the unit comes formatted with Apple's HFS+ file system, features the company's own Drop Guard design to protect it from falls of up to 1.3-meters (and not a nanometer more), and gets all the juice it needs from a spare (or only, in the MBA's case) USB 2.0 port. It'll be available across the globe next month for $149.99.

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