Line 6's BackTrack is here to record all your moments of brilliant greatness

You play guitar, and we know you're very gifted. You haven't been to Juilliard, but it doesn't matter because you're inspired. What you need now is something to capture inspiration, so you can then drag it -- in the form of a WAV -- onto your desktop via USB 2.0. You need BackTrack by Line 6. Just plug your guitar into BackTrack, plug BackTrack into your amp, and start playing. The device begins recording when it detects a signal and it never stops as long as the battery has a charge (up to eight hours). When you let out a truly boss riff -- or a tasty lick -- you don't have to worry about losing that gem. The basic package retails for $139.99, can capture up to 12 hours of audio and comes equipped with 1GB flash memory. BackTrack + Mic comes equipped with 2GB flash memory and an internal microphone, records for up to 24 hours and retails for $209.99. Both models are rechargeable via USB and have the standard 1/4-inch in / out and headphone jacks.

[Via CNET]