Mysterious new 4GB iPod nano 4Gs begin appearing on store shelves

Now this is an interesting development. According to two separate tipsters (with two sets of photos) Apple has released a third version of the new multi-hued iPod nano to the world -- a 4GB model. As there's been no announcement from the company, and there was certainly no mention of it at the 'Let's Rock' event, this is quite a head-scratcher. According to sources (and a Dutch retailer's site), the models are available in all nine colors and are priced at €119 (or about $168) -- though there seems to be some debate as to whether these lower capacity versions are limited editions or simply an incredible gaffe on Apple's part. Regardless, they appear to be the real thing, and they appear to be on store shelves right now (in some countries, at least). If you're looking for the ultimate Apple collector's item, this may be just the thing. Check out the gallery below for lots of looks at the mystery nano.

Update: The UK's Pocket-lint got hold of an Apple spokesperson who told them Apple "made a limited number of 4GB iPod nanos for some international markets, but this is not one of our main configurations." Mystery solved, we guess -- but that "limited number" bit has us thinking this was still some kind of mistake.


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