New MacBook Pros leaked on German site?

Sure, none of it makes any sense, but we can't shake the feeling that there's something a little weird going on here. We've received a number of tips that T-Systems -- a division of the same company that owns T-Mobile -- has got pics of some variation of a MacBook Pro that we've certainly never seen before. The appearance of a new model would fall right in line with those rumors we've been hearing, but this seems a little too easy. In fact, the specs of these devices appear unchanged from the current lineup of laptops. The likely explanation is that there's been a photo mix-up -- someone got their proper MBP pictures crossed with one of those "wishful thinking" renders. Then again, given Apple's recent propensity for leaked photos... maybe there's something more to this.

Update: As a commenter noted, the above picture does look very, very similar to this fan-made mock-up, yet there are noticeable differences between the two (the thickness of the base, shape of the screen, location and style of the optical drive, width of the trackpad), which ultimately raise more questions.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]