Sony stuns with SRX-T110 / SRX-T105 4k x 2k projectors

Picking up where the SRX-R220 left off, Sony's new SRX-T110 / SRX-T105 4k x 2k projectors are likely headed right to a museum, cinema (lucky!), or "digital planetarium" near you. Each SXRD device touts a staggering 4,096 x 2,160 native resolution and contrast ratios of 2,500:1. Separately, the T110 comes in much brighter than the T105, offering 11,000 lumens over the latter's 5,500. Those of you hoping to sneak one of these into your home cinema without placing too heavy a burden on the plastic Centurion will probably be disappointed; the T110 will ring up at ¥12.7 million ($120,460), while the T105 demands ¥8.3 million ($78,725). Both should arrive in Japan this November.

[Via Impress]