Archos Generation 5 players cracked

Archos' Generation 5 players may have been left in the dust by the shiny new Generation 6 players, but they still have quite the fan following, some of whom have been busily doing their best to get around Archos' stock software offerings. Now it seems that one of them, a member of the ArchosFans forums, has finally managed to crack things open by hacking the bootloader, which opens up a number of possibilities including the ability to remove the hard drive volume limitation. It also seems to have had the "side effect" of revealing a few plug-ins that had been previously hidden, including "Screen," and "C" (for Core) above, although they don't appear to be of much use. The workaround apparently won't work on players with a firmware version higher than 1.7.13 though, and there aren't exactly any clear instructions for modding your own just yet, but those that really know what they're doing can try to follow along by hitting up the read link below.

[Via Archos Lounge]