Recycled newsprint USB flash drive for the eco-minded geek

If you're anything like us, you probably cringe every time a new USB flash drive is announced, but then the guilty pleasure takes over and you just have to look anyway. At first glance the "Recycle" from INF Import isn't much to look at, but then we figured that's kind of the point. After all, what better way to hide all your most precious and/or illicit data than in a totally bland enclosure that looks like something that chipped off your wall in the last earthquake? -- which isn't far off seeing as how it's composed of recycled newspaper. Oddly enough no storage capacity is mentioned, so lets hope your stack of worldly secrets doesn't run too large, or you may have to tile your walls with these babies.

Update: The INF site has now been updated to include the storage capacity: 512MB - 16GB.