Toshiba launches three XDE upscaling DVRs

Toshiba's going to have to eventually wake up and realize that consumers want to watch actual HD content on their HD displays instead of just upscaled SD, but until that happens we'd better get used to seeing a lot more devices featuring the company's Super Resolution Technology / XDE upscaling tech -- we've already got REGZA HDTVs and the XD-E500 DVD player, and now it's three new Vardia DVRs. The ¥140,000 ($1,339) RD-X8 (pictured) is the top of the line unit with Deep Color HDMI output, a 1TB drive, dual-layer burner, and MPEG-4 / H.264 support, while the ¥100,000 ($956) RD-S503 and ¥80,000 ($765) RD-S303 are 500GB / 320GB models that drop the Deep Color outputs. No word on whether these will make the jump to the States, but without CableCARD slots we doubt they'll be in huge demand.

[Via Electronista]