DisplayPort and HDMI square off in uber-thorough comparison

Overwhelmingly, HDMI is the de facto standard these days for home component connections. For those who've been paying any amount of attention here lately, you'd also know that DisplayPort is lurking, waiting to pounce and grab some of that lucrative market share. An astonishingly detailed report at EDN pits the two digital-display-interface standards against one another in an attempt to discover whether we really, truly need two ways to plug things in. As expected, there are pros and cons for each, and while we wouldn't deem this a bona fide format war just yet, things could get hairy if some manufacturers start to favor one over the other. For the hardcore hardware nerds in the audience, the brilliant writeup in the read link is one that can't be missed. Place your bets at the door, the gloves are about to come off.