Lenovo X200t swivel tablet hands-on

We're torn. Lenovo kicks ass in the tablet space, and the X200t is no exception to that rule, but we were hoping for a little more "X200" and a little less traditional Lenovo tablet action. Compared to its straight-up X200 namesake, the X200t is mega heavy, due to a different battery, screen and internals. It's not that it's bad, it's just a letdown compared to the insanely great engineering that Lenovo poured into the X300 and X200. We're also a little miffed that Lenovo hasn't worked out a capacitive touch option yet, though they claim that the X200t's dual-purpose touchscreen has been improved, including a method for switching off touch automatically when the pen is in close proximity to the screen, to allow for some palm resting. They were just showing pen-only units this evening, so we didn't get to test that out. Everything else is traditional love-it-or-hate-it ThinkPad design, quality and touchpad-freeness.