Samsung 10-inch NC10 netbook fears germs, not Germans

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Thomas Ricker
September 19th, 2008
Samsung 10-inch NC10 netbook fears germs, not Germans

Ho boy, what's this? Can it be that another vendor has introduced a laptop-cannibalizing 10-inch netbook? Oh, you betcha -- it's the occasionally seen NC10 from Samsung, sporting the same chunky design, heavy XP OS, 10.2-inch display, 6-cell battery, WiFi, Bluetooth, up to 160GB hard disk storage, and 1.6GHz Atom processor as just about every other 10-inch netbook on the market. So what does Samsung bring to the table that's truly unique? An anti-bacterial keyboard for germanophobes mysophobes, that's what. Available in Europe next month for an undisclosed price.
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