The Vertical Bed -- never coming to an IKEA near you

For those of you who like to lay in bed watching TV, but always manage to get a sore neck, Jamie O'Shea from the "Office for the development of Substitute Materials" has devised a solution: the Vertical Bed. Supported by a harness that is craftily secured under the clothing, nappers can catch up on beauty rest at any subway stop or back alley of their choosing. As an added bonus the wearer can be made impervious to the effects of the outside world through the use of noise canceling headphones and mirrored glasses, and the ensemble comes with an umbrella for convenient use in a variety of weather conditions. The only thing it appears to be missing from this performance art project is an anti-pick-pocketing force field -- undoubtedly in the works. More photos after the break.

[Via we make money not art]