Fujifilm intros FinePix Real 3D system, Super CCD EXR at Photokina

As the announcements continue to flow from Cologne, Fujifilm is vying for some time in the limelight with two introductions of its own. The FinePix Real 3D system is built around a "newly-developed 3D processor and a twin-lens camera concept" which enables 3D capture and even 3D printing. As of now, no actual products have been revealed to take advantage of the technology, but it's evidently just a matter of time before your images are literally hanging off of your future digital photo frame. Moving on, we've got the Super CCD EXR, a "three-in-one" sensor that supposedly provides high resolution, high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. Essentially, this could lead to ultracompact cameras that provide stunning image quality without injecting high levels of noise in low-light scenarios, but sadly, there's no actual Super CCD EXR-infused camera to swoon over just yet. Check out every last detail in the links below.

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