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MIT's EMF detector bracelet takes all the fun out of radiation poisoning

We've seen our fair share of EMF detectors and other tin foil hat apparel, but no endeavor is complete without the MIT stamp of approval. Cati Vaucelle's EMF sensor bracelet is designed to pick up on any potentially harmful electromagnetic fields, allowing you to dance around the veritable minefield of computers and cell phones in your workplace, unscathed by the -- maybe, maybe not -- lethal effects of radiation being emitted. Nevermind about looking like a freak -- better safe than sorry, right? The bracelet, sensitive up to 14-inches, features an integrated LED that's illuminated whenever an EMF field over 50kHz is detected. If you'd like to see this prototype in action, a video will be presented today at Ubicomp in Seoul, or save your air miles and see it here after the break.

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