Sharp's 46-inch AQUOS LC-46X8E gets reviewed

Sharp's 46-inch AQUOS LC-46X8E was recently acquired by the fine folks at TrustedReviews, and overall, it was just decent for the coin. If you're a bit perplexed by the model number, you should be -- this is a fairly exclusive set, currently sold only in the UK at retailer John Lewis. All that aside, performance was simply dubbed "okay." It didn't do anything particularly well, though it didn't do anything spectacularly bad, either. The sharpness, fittingly enough, was highly praised, though the lackluster handling of SD material and the appearance of a few off-kilter tones were downers. The moral of the story? The set actually proved to be a mixed-bag, albeit one that would probably be recommended for a few hundred pounds less. Do yourself a favor and dip into the full review before marching into Mr. Lewis' store and picking one up.