T-Mobile G1 video hands-on

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Paul Miller
September 23rd, 2008
T-Mobile G1 video hands-on

No, we're not done with this thing yet. Check out our hands-on video of the T-Mobile G1 after the break. Of note, scrolling around in the browser is a tad laggy, and everything feels very first-generation. There's an obligatory compare-o with the iPhone, but the G1 is obviously packing in a full-size keyboard, so the size doesn't seem too outlandish.

Update: We added a second, longer video after the break, concentrating more on software -- specifically Gmail. Desmond has had his phone for a while now, so we got a much better idea of what the phone is like in more capable hands. There's a tiny learning curve here, but it's a fairly rewarding one.

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