Dell to transition all laptops to LED displays by 2010

We've already heard about a certain other computer manufacturer's supposed plans to go all LED with its laptops in the not too distant future, and it looks like Dell is now set to take the energy-saving leap as well. According to PC Magazine, Dell says that two-thirds of its Latitude E-series laptops will ship with mercury-free LED backlighting as standard by December 15th of this year, and that by the end of 2009, fully 80 percent of all its laptops will be equipped with LED-backlit displays, which also have the added benefit of looking better and being thinner. The remaining laptops will then apparently make the switch sometime in 2010. In case you're wondering, Dell also says that it is "absolutely committed" to transitioning its desktop displays to LED, although it doesn't seem to be quite ready to make any firm commitments.