Hasselblad bringing 60-megapixel H3DII-60 in April 2009

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.24.08

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Hasselblad bringing 60-megapixel H3DII-60 in April 2009
Hasselblad's doing a fine job of pimping its mildly fresh 50-megapixel H3DII-50 at Photokina 2008, but being that we're hardly ever satisfied with the here and now, we've latched onto a few juicy tidbits flowing from the lips of CEO Christian Poulsen. Reportedly, the exec made clear at the show that a 60-megapixel version of the camera (H3DII-60) would be made available in April of 2009, and while it would demand a £4,000 ($7,393) premium over the £14,750 ($27,261) H3DII-50, that increase would pay for a sensor that provides 94% full-frame coverage. It's okay, your D40 is still bombastic in its own right.
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