Mines of Moria press event reveals Balrog footage

On September 23rd, Turbine and Codemasters Online set up an exclusive private press event in London, England for predominant fansites to get a hands-on presentation of the newest expansion for Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria. This event was hosted and narrated by Executive Producer Jeffrey Steefel.

One of these fansites in attendance, The Madhouse Tavern, was lucky enough to grab some shaky-cam footage of this gameplay, including the infamous Balrog. As Steefel guides the onlookers through the Balrog's cave, he mentions the fact that this is now "officially the worst beast in Middle-earth" with a whopping 513,250 hit points! The footage shows the lead-up to the monumental creature, and then a bit more as it proceeds to kick some player butt. Check out the video embedded just after the jump, and the Madhouse Tavern's complete write-up of the event at their website for more information!