Nova explodes your brain with the Slider X 600 gaming mouse and OVER Slide pad

If you're having trouble choosing which gaming mouse to sink your teeth into next, here's a newbie to add to the ever growing pile: the Nova Slider X 600. Not surprisingly, it's tethered to a "recommended" mouse pad -- a cornerstone product for this French based company. As for the laser mouse it features "indestructible" super-glide ceramic feet for speed and precision, along with 8 programmable buttons, a gold-plated USB connector, five luminous color options, and a cable that is notably positioned to the side. The 16.5-inch x 11.5-inch "OVER Slide" mouse pad boasts a 12,000 dpi ceramic surface, and promises "zero lag and optimal conditions" for the laser -- you know, way better than that magazine you've been using. The mouse and pad can be had for $99.99 and $39.99 respectively this November.

[Via Everything USB]