Samsung's freakishly large Haptic 2 touchscreen phones

Forget everything you know about perspective, Samsung's Haptic 2 is clearly one huge-ass handset. Amazing that the jumbo-handed product waif on the left can even hoist the beast without so much as a grimace. Otherwise, Samsung's newest fullscreen device looks every bit the hot Korean cousin to the i900 Omnia. The Haptic 2 followup to the original Haptic features DMB television, 4GB (SCH-W550 or SPH-W5500, about $600) or 16GB (SCH-W555, about $690) of storage, integrated mobile banking, and improved (more sensitive) 3.2-inch touchscreen and an updated TouchWiz UI now sporting 50 widget applications (up from 15) and user defined vibration tones -- whoa, better beef up security for the Korean launch Sammy.

[Via Telecoms Korea]