Aigo P8860 MID now readily available, Microsoft angles in on Intel's turf

Those really sold on Aigo's P8860 MID (also sold as the Gigabyte M528) have already been able to get their hands on one if they were willing to pay a premium and go the eBay route, but it looks like Aigo has only now finally snagged its first official reseller in the form of Direct From Japan, which means the rest of us can now readily get one for $699 (with free worldwide shipping, no less). Perhaps even more interesting that, however, is word that Aigo has also signed a deal to make official Windows XP drivers for the device available in late October, which is more than a little reminiscent of Microsoft's moves to snag a piece of the similarly Linux-friendly netbook market, though only time will tell if this relationship proves as successful.

[Via Pocketables]