Potential new TiVo user interface shown on video

We know, you're still digesting the whole Nero LiquidTV / TiVo PC introduction, but once you get through your head that said product brings TiVo functionality to your PC, we'd like you to have a look at something only mildly related. In the best form possible (that'd be video, for those curious), a walkthrough of a potential new user interface for TiVo as a whole has been hosted up. According to the lucky soul who was able to grab this information from a recent survey, there's no telling if it'll ever actually be released. 'Course, we highly doubt TiVo pays its engineers to cook up new software for nothing, but we've heard of zanier scenarios. Check out three UI vids after the break, and be sure to look carefully for the oh-so-subtle differences.

[Thanks, Dave]