Samsung, LG said to be releasing Android phones in Q3 '09 "at the earliest"

Neither LG nor Samsung have ever gone so far to as pin down an actual release date for their promised Android-based phones, but it looks like they could each now be giving themselves yet more wiggle room, at least if the supposedly in the know Mirae Asset Securities is to be believed. According to it, we now shouldn't expect to see Android handsets from either manufacturer before the second half of 2009 "at the earliest," which doesn't exactly match up with earlier word that both companies were aiming for a release in "early2009." Venturing even further into speculation, Mirae says that the delay is a result of "negative responses" from mobile phone operators like Vodafone, as well as some general skepticism among advertising sponsors about Google's profit model for the phones. Of course, none of those parties mentioned are actually saying anything themselves just yet, so you may do well to take all of this with a hefty grain of salt for the time being.

[Via Unwired View]