Microvision's PicoP-based pocket projector revamped for CEATEC

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.01.08

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Microvision's PicoP-based pocket projector revamped for CEATEC
Now that pico projectors are actually headed to end users, we're seeing a number of companies hop in the fast lane to production. Take Microvision for instance -- these guys were taking their sweet time by introducing the PicoP beamer back at CES, and now we're looking at a freshly revamped version that has already begun shipping to OEMs for "evaluation and end-user testing." Reportedly, the device shown at CEATEC featured a "thinner, smaller and brighter PicoP engine and several image quality enhancements" over the unit displayed at CES, and it officially boasted a WVGA resolution that could be blown up to 100-inches in size. Unfortunately, we're still waiting to hear how long it'll be before this one slips into consumers' hands, but we've a feeling it'll be sooner rather than later.

[Via AboutProjectors]
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