News from the Wider MMO World: September 30th, 2008

The MMO genre is more than World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, and Warhammer Online. Here's what's going on in the rest of the world.

Ankama Games launches new Dofus Heroic Server; includes permadeath
As of September 23rd, there's a new server dedicated to Ankama Games' Dofus. Called the Heroic Server, its most notable feature is permanent death for all characters. Once dead, the player's opponent is allowed to take the character's items, and the deceased becomes interred in the Cemetery of Heroes, a worldwide ranking that can be consulted via a dedicated website. To offset the permadeath penalty, all skill and professions leveling will be much easier, allowing players to rise in rank much more quickly. To the brave and the bold: the Heroic Server calls!

Atlantica Online begins open beta; offers prizes
For their open beta launch, Atlantica Online's NDOORS is offering players of its Free Leagues -- the PvP system -- a variety of prizes, including a Nintendo Wii, an iPod Nano, or $10,000 in cash. Interestingly, these prizes become available only once the player population hits certain landmarks: 5,000; 10,000; 20,000; and 30,000. "NDOORS created something unique in the MMO world when we designed the deep turn-based, strategic world of Atlantica Online. So we decided we needed something just as original for our open beta," said Peter Kang, CEO, NDOORS Interactive. "This is going to be unlike anything anyone has seen before."

Chronicles of Spellborn announces American release date

Acclaim Games has revealed that the launch date for the free-to-play MMO Chronicles of Spellborn will be November 27th, 2008. "I've been playing and testing the game, and I'm having a fantastic time. The only thing that's missing is our gamers! I can't wait until November 27th to greet them all in the amazing world of Spellborn," says David Perry, the game's USA Director. Expect an announcement in the coming weeks to reveal the closed beta launch date.

Updates on the way for Pirates of the Caribbean
The dev team behind Pirates of the Caribbean Online don't rest on their laurels; they're always adding new content and dreaming up ways to enhance the game. To wit: the ability to reassign skill points from your weapons is on its way. Visiting a blacksmith or gunsmith will allow players to take back their assignment mistakes for a small fee.

Additionally, new powerful weapons are planned, as well as terrifying new high-level bosses, including the undead pirate Simon Butcher; the Big Alligator boss Trapjaw; and Devilwing, leader of the Terror Wasps. Read all about these new game upgrades at the PotC website.

Dream of Mirror Online offers Halloween-themed costumes; pet exchange

Aeria Games' Dream of Mirror Online, or DOMO, is getting ready for the Halloween season by offering players new content, like witch, zombie, and pumpkin costumes. Also, players who have tired of their old pets now have the opportunity to trade in three pets for a brand-new non-Lily pet; trade in four pets for the Lily of your dreams. Finally, now available In the DOMO Item Mall: Green, Blue and Orange Weapon and Magic Upgrade Books. Learn more on DOMO's website.

Knight Online to receive new expansion: Forgotten Frontiers
K2Network has announced the first expansion for its Knight Online MMO: Forgotten Frontiers. While gameplay details are still thin on the ground, they've released story details to fill in the background of the expansion. An excerpt from the story: "The world of Carnac had its Creator, and its Goddess of Life, and its God of Change. Krowaz often wondered why none had ever thought to question the absence of one god who should be obvious to all ... the God of Death." Upcoming details on the new weapons and armor to be had in the expansion will be forthcoming.