Samsung's Omnia "Millionaire Pack" is ironically only ???699

If you're going to equip yourself with a phone as luxurious and feature-packed as Samsung's Omnia to line your pocket, you may as well go for broke, right? The so-called "Millionaire Pack" bundles the high-end WinMo set with a matching Bluetooth headset -- a WEP350, if you're curious -- and a leather travel case to keep your beloved handset safe and secure on the road. There's also an issue of "Millionaire" magazine in there and an entry to win a three-day trip to Moscow for November's Millionaire Fair, where flashing your non-diamond-studded Omnia is sure to impress essentially no one. The whole package runs a stout €699 (about $1,021), which realistically, plenty of hundredaires and thousandaires should be able to swing.

[Thanks, David]