Canon EOS 50D begins filtering out, gets previewed

Official word says Canon's EOS 50D DSLR isn't shipping until October 6th, but we've found a number of pre-orderers that would beg to disagree. Take enthusiast Roland Lim for example, who has acquired a production unit and ran it through a series of basic, but entirely relevant tests. He's admittedly leaving the "comprehensive technical review" to someone else, but his laundry list of impressions is quite stout. We're told that the body is "essentially the same as the 40D," with the buttons, dials and LCD in exactly the same spots. In the end, he attempts to answer the all-important "should I upgrade?" question; thanks to this one being a mere evolutionary advancement of the 40D, he didn't think it was all that compelling unless you were still rocking some seriously old kit. Hit the read link for the writeup and a plethora of sample shots to see if you agree.