More purported MacBook Pro shots surface, we're still unconvinced

While that touchscreen trackpad MBP might've been a bit too much to swallow, the rumorists certainly won't be giving up that easily, and have returned with more intriguing shots of what may be (but probably isn't) the next MacBook Pro. Submitted by "Techno Minds" to, the pictures were purportedly gotten off an Apple employee on an Apple design team. The dock-in-the-touchpad has been done away with, but the trackpad is still black, as is the keyboard and the display bezel. What's new here is the black back to the display and a lack of those Air-inspired curves that looked so janky on that other picture. The thing that amazingly makes this all even less plausible is the done-up promo shot (after the break) with rendering and photoshop artifacts unobscured by cameraphone fuzziness. Oh, and there's no power button to be found on any of these shots. Still, we want.

[Via Nowhere Else]