Philips reveals 56-inch Quad Full 3D HDTV in Hollywood

On the slim chance that a 52-inch, no-glasses-needed 3D HDTV wasn't swank enough for you, Philips is one-upping itself at the Biz-Ex conference in Hollywood. This 56-inch monstrosity is hailed as a Quad Full Autostereoscopic 3D HDTV, which means that it packs a slightly absurd (in a good way, of course) 3,840 x 2,160 resolution and can churn through data at an alarming rate. Additionally, Philips is promising that this one can produce up to 46 views at once, which should go a long way in making the third-dimension a lot more believable on TV. There's no definitive release date just yet, but it'll probably run upwards of $25,000 whenever it's ready for prime time.