Best Buy launching cellular modem-equipped GPS units

Best Buy sure looks to be aiming high with its first Insignia-branded GPS units, which will apparently not only pack all the expected run-of-the-mill specs but two-way, Dash-like communication as well. That desirable feature will be included on both the 4.3-inch NS- CNV 20 and 3.5-inch NS- CNV 10 models, each of which make use of that cellular connectivity to provide real-time traffic information and access to Google Local Search, among other things, all of which will be free for the first year (no word on pricing after that). In addition to a larger screen, the $499 NS-CNV20 will also give you some built-in Bluetooth, but if that's more than you need, you can save a $100 and opt for the $399 NS-CNV10. Look for both to go on sale October 19th.

[Via GPS Tracklog, thanks Rich]