Google Street View, emoji coming to iPhone 2.2?

MacRumors hears news of some interesting new features that may see the light of day in the next iteration of iPhone firmware.

The Maps application will apparently have support for Google Street View. It remains to be seen if the integration will be as impressive as that of Google Android, which used GPS compass data to dynamically change the street view depending on which way you're actually pointed.

Also included is support for Japanese emoji icons: 461 popular pictures that can be added to text messages and emails. Emoji support is popular on Japanese phones, and including it on the iPhone might give a boost to sales there (described as less-than-stellar by the WSJ).

In a move sure to be popular with non-English users using the English keyboard, the new firmware will also let you turn off auto-correction.

It's not clear when the new firmware will be generally available. Developers received version 2.2, beta 1 on September 25.