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Logitech quietly launches $99 Harmony 510 universal remote

We know, January wasn't that long ago, but in consumer electronics years, it's been forever since a new Harmony was revealed. For those of you already on the hunt for a sub-$100 gizmo to give to your favorite person this holiday season, Logitech is jonesing for your business with its entry-level Harmony 510 universal remote. You should know, however, that the IR remote operates just five devices (remember the "entry-level" bit we mentioned?), though it does boast an inbuilt LCD and a fair amount of buttons. Harmony freaks have already pointed out that this one looks almost like a repackaged 550, though your technology-challenged sibling / parent / colleague probably won't take the time to notice. Get those stockings stuffed early for $99.99 (MSRP) a pop.

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