Ask Engadget HD: What's the best remote for Sony's PlayStation 3?

With all these magnificent universal remotes coming down the pike, it's a tough pill for PS3 owners to swallow. That dreaded Bluetooth control protocol cuts out the vast majority of remotes from consideration, so we're putting the question out there for those that have already stumbled upon the ultimate solution.

"I'm in the same boat as so many others: I have a PlayStation 3 and would like a universal remote. I know I can get a Bluetooth remote to just handle the PS3, so I guess that's an option, but I would love to find one with Bluetooth and IR / RF to control multiple components. What's my best option here?"

We'd also like to ask if anyone has any experience with the IR2BT Infrared-to-Bluetooth converter, though a sufficiently equipped BT / IR / RF remote would obviously be ideal. Let it rip, PS3 owners!

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