Lenovo adds integrated WiMAX capability in ThinkPad / IdeaPad families

It's a big day in Baltimore with the proper launch of Sprint's XOHM WiMAX network, and Lenovo's making sure it snags a bit of that limelight to announce this. Starting today, prospective customers can snatch up a ThinkPad SL300, SL500, X301 and T400 with integrated WiMAX capability, meaning that you can hop on the ultra-fast mobile internet highway in Baltimore and elsewhere if you're really lucky. Later this year, the laptop maker will be adding the option on its business-focused ThinkPad W500, W700, SL400 and X200 models as well as the consumer-minded IdeaPad Y530. There's no word on how much this capability adds to the cost of a machine, but WiMAX-enabled lappies can be had starting at $720 right now.