Peugeot HYmotion3 Compressor concept is high tech, low risk

An eco-friendly future might be right around the corner, and on Peugeot's HYmotion3 Compressor concept scooter you can take that corner with just the right balance of safety and power. At 29bhp, this new prototype gets 118 MPG thanks to its hybrid powertrain, and is quite stable with two wheels in front and one behind. In the event that you do lose control, you'll be protected by a BMW C1-esque roll cage. That's three techs borrowed from predecessors, plus the added benefit of three-wheel drive. Most advanced hybrid scooter yet? Maybe, but it's just a concept, so if you're looking to stand out like a sore but oh-so-energy-efficient thumb on the road, you're outta luck for the time being.

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