Samsung's NV24HD 10.2 megapixel shooter reviewed, deemed passable

At first glance, there were definitely some things we liked about Samsung's 10.2 megapixel NV24HD: the UI's touch-sensitive buttons (as opposed to a crowded touchscreen), the 2.5-inch AMOLED display looks great (even in direct sunlight) and the camera shoots generous 720p, 30fps video. Now the folks at PC Magazine have had a chance to give the thing a more in-depth going over, and for the most part they seem to think the camera isn't half bad. They say the $349 point-and-shoot works well enough in perfect conditions (outdoors on a sunny day), but cite "weak indoor shots," heavier than average barrel distortion on the telephoto lens, and a bit of pincushion distortion on the wide angle lens as reasons you might want to give this camera a pass. If you're still interested, you can expect the usual features: face detection, image stabilization and scene settings, and an optional cradle ($79.99) offers and HDMI connection to your HDTV (plus a tiny remote). Interested? Sure you are! Hit the read link for the complete review and sexy, sexy slideshow.