Sony's 25.5-inch VAIO VGC-RT150Y all-in-one reviewed: pricey, but good

Sony's VAIO VGC-JS190J (you know, the little fellow of the bunch) managed to snag itself a pretty great review late last month, so it's no shock at all to see the bigger, sleeker and all-around better VGC-RT150Y land similar sentiments. The 25.5-inch unit was rolled out as part of a trio at CEDIA, and besides packing quite a bit of horsepower, this thing actually looks shockingly like a svelte LCD. Reviewers instantly fell in love with the expansive panel, beautiful array of ports, inbuilt HDTV tuner and Blu-ray burner, though reality began to set in when refocusing on the $3,999 list price. Sure, multimedia performance was above par, and it can easily be hung on a wall, but unless you've just got oodles of cash to burn (and have something against making donations), this one probably deserves a skip.