Carcade lets you play your seedy neighborhood

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|10.09.08

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Carcade lets you play your seedy neighborhood

This isn't the first stab at an "in-car gaming system" we've seen, but it may be the most novel. Carcade! is an "augmented reality in-car videogame" designed by students at the Berlin University of the Arts. Using a webcam, the landscape is captured and incorporated into the game itself, letting you navigate the hellish urban environment that you call home with a little spacecraft just like you've always wanted to. The faster and more erratically your friend drives, the more difficult game play becomes -- we just wish we could play it on the window itself instead of a laptop. This would be just the thing for those cross-country road trips, though it might get a little dull while passing through the vast alkali plains of The Great American Desert. Watch the Carcade! road test after the break.

[Via Edmunds]

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