TechFaith hard at work on Android device, not saying who it's for just yet

Manufacturer TechFaith flexes some serious ODM muscle in its native China, slapping together phones for a variety of name brands -- including Open Handset Alliance member Motorola. It's a curious coincidence, then, that TechFaith is running its mouth right now about crafting an Android-powered device that it expects to be ready for end users sometime in early '09. For the moment, the company's official line is that it's "still in talks with several interested customers" and expects to make an announcement about which company will be lucky enough to silkscreen its logo onto TechFaith's hard work at the end of November. With Android being a bit of a hot commodity right now, we can totally see any number of companies engaged in a bidding war here -- but unless Moto has something ready to go, like, yesterday, it sure seems like working with TechFaith now to get something out of the door on the double could be the right move. [Warning: Subscription required]

[Via Talk Android, thanks Chris]